Gombe National Park


Situated 16kms north of Kigoma town in western Tanzania, Gombe is a narrow mountainous strip of the country bounded to the east by the crest of the rift valley escarpment and by Lake Tanganyika to the west. It is a fragile remnant of Chimpanzee habitat. The beauty of Gombe National Park is unique; it is a park without roads, where you can walk and experience nature with all your senses, in its pristine manner.

Due to its altitude, the park's vegetation varies from ever green forests of tall trees to open woodlands and grassland. Common mammals found in the park are forest species, mostly primates. These include chimpanzee, baboon, blue monkey, red tailed monkey and red colobus monkey. Jane Goodall brought the Chimps of Gombe to world fame through her research projects based here, and various projects still continue to operate.

Chimpanzees are very amusing and intelligent animals and it is interesting to observe them in their natural habitat engaged in different activities. Likely to be seen in addition to the famous chimpanzees, are the colourful red-tail and blue colobus monkeys. Herbivores and carnivores are a rarity in the forests, making Gombe a heaven for walking safaris.